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Fintex Trade Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is specialized in trade in industrial hoses and connective fixtures.

The company is an official representative of the German Masterflex AG and is an exclusive distributor of its products for Bulgaria. Masterflex AG produces a wide range of high-tech hoses and connecting systems. Fintex Trade Ltd. offers products of the German company Novoplast GmbH as well, which is specialized in production of pneumatic hoses and connectors. Our partners are also TechnoBochum, the Dutch company Baggerman and the English - Artel Motorsport.

A high level of materials expertise combined with a creative workforce and close collaboration with our customers has resulted in the progress of the company. In striving for sustainable development, expanding the product range and meeting the growing needs and requirements of our clients, Fintex Trade is in an ongoing process of building new partnerships with producers from all over the world and establishing permanent trade relationships on a mutually satisfactory basis.

As Fintex Trade is mainly oriented to the domestic market in Bulgaria, the product section in Bulgarian language is more detailed. For all non-Bulgarian managers & technical experts working on the local market we offer English and German speaking specialists for correspondence (e-mail or fax are preferred).

All the specification, details & prices on the web site are subject to confirmation or change without prior notice. No other information in English except the PDF catalogs of our suppliers is available on the web site. For more info you are welcome to contact us directly.

Fintex Trade Ltd.
28, Dimityr Popov Blvd.
BG-Ichtiman 2050, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 2 489 4941
Fax: +359 2 489 4942

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